Some of the best parts of my day

Are the little chats that take place between me and Chris. It’s like the conversation that never ends.

We chat about our lunch

We chat about what’s on the menu for dinner

We chat about the weird emails we sometimes get

We chat about test scores

We chat about pictures and links

and with lots of  emoticons and little hearts we try to relay how funny and silly our lives can be

It really is the little things huh?

Chris and Tracey 2008

Chris and Tracey 2008

What a week

We’ve been pretty busy this past week, our days have been filled with school and work and sleepless nights. boo.

This weekend we plan to catch up our Zzz’s and cheer University of Alabama to victory :)

Okay so maybe I just plan to cheer Alabama on to victory since we all know Chris has always been a Notre Dame boy

Roll Tide Y’all!

A thankful heart

It was 2007 and Chris flew in after his tour ended to spend a couple of days with me. It was the time of my life and when the time came for us to say good-bye, we just couldn’t. So Chris skipped his flight home and I didn’t make the six hour drive up to Pensacola. We had super crappy poor college kid thanksgiving dinner and we  didn’t care. I’m pretty sure this is when we fell in love.  This Thanksgiving it’s just going to be the two of us again, and I can’t tell you how  incredibly thankful I am for that first one.

I found these old pictures memorializing our first holiday together enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Happy Friday!

I came ready to blog about the epic  four year war that has been raging on between us and our neighbors which I am certain is  the reason I spent the first 30 minutes of my work day today scraping dog poo off my Kenneth Coles, but alas this week has been a weird one for me!

 Fear not, I am pushing onward toward the prospect of an upcoming 4-day weekend and a day completely and utterly devoted to food.  This year we made the decision to stay in town for Thanksgiving instead of traveling and I’m super excited because this is first time in five years that we are going to go it alone.

Now! if I can lift the fog that has settled over my brain these last few days, we’ll be in business and hopefully a little Lincoln movie will be in our future for the weekend.

Happy Friday Y’all!

It’s beginning to look a lot like……

I love the holidays for oh- so- many reasons, I mean let me count thy ways people! I love it for all the obvious reasons, the same tangible reasons that every other person does: vacation, gifts {giving and receiving}, the seemingly endless array of desserts, the occasional snow. But I think I love the holidays even more for the intangible reasons, the smells, the sights, the bites that create the vibe and the aesthetic.

It has been one of things I’ve liked  most about my entrance to adulthood and family-dom, creating those same feelings and evoking a sense of home for me and Chris. As a daughter of two immigrant parents, I had always felt that there were two distinct worlds competing  for my idea of home, the American one and the Carribean West Indies one, our Jamaican traditions didn’t always match the American ones and sometimes as a child in  mid-western town, Indiana  it could feel a bit lonely.

Fast forwarding to present day, as a childless adult I  have both the freedom and longing to make a concerted effort in merging the two worlds so that one day when we have kids, they will get the best of both.

Some of the things I hope to make a  holiday staple around our house :

1. Sorrel traditional  Jamaican holiday drink made from dried sorrel, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, orange peel and rum source. 2.  The cozy fire in a  fire place that never  dies   via French by Design, 3. Gingerbread house masterpieces I found this one at Martha Stewart  4.  Jamaican Black Cake, another slightly boozy holiday treat it’s a creeper but a tasty one at that! source 5. The official scent of the holidays in Whittendom find it any Anthropologie store 6. Picking out the perfect tree not to be picked a day later or sooner than after Thanksgiving Day source 7. A little Mistle-me-toe, will be hung at every door source 8. Twas the Night Before Christmas, for Chris to read to me every night :p 9.Does this need some wit? I think not. No there will be not be any playing of Miracle on 34th Street at this house. Home Alone on repeat please.

The list.

The list we all make up in our head and consumes  our evening thoughts.

Lately mine looks a little like this:

1. Need to take more pictures

2. Want/need to learn how to better use this dang camera

3. Need to learn how to edit.

4. Should stop eating junk.

5. Oooh want to make some cookies!

6. Should start Christmas Shopping

7. Hmm….To wreathe or not to wreathe?

8. Need to buy a tripod

9. Definitely going to do a Christmas postcard this year, I hope Bailey will sit still long enough

10. Cheers to new friends and dinner parties, next time bring a red not champagne!

Have you heard this?

Last night I stayed up way too late and bit my nails off to the nub, politics always possess me and it’s been this  way since I was a little girl. As  consequence of my anxiety overload, I am sharing with you today some incredibly soothing music.

I love James Blake, something about his voice evokes feelings of Christmas and a cozy day in. As usual I had not heard of him until a few months ago! am I always the last to know?!   Enjoy!

The Weekendness

This weekend my husband played at a show meant to push out last ditch GOTV ( Get.Out. The. Vote) efforts. It was so fun to  getting to see local Seattle bands play and be a part of something we are both pretty passionate about.  These days Chris’s drumming nights are so far and few that anytime  he has a show it’s pretty special and it always brings me back to how we met and  how our whole life is intertwined and forever connected to his involvement in music.  Swoon.

* I tried my best to capture these  nowadays rare moments of Chris playing drums live, I obviously still need a little practice with my Nikon. If anyone knows of any great tutorials I’m all ears!

The buzz and excitement  of another Election Day is taking over at our house (but what would you expect from a union organizer’s house hold?)  Let the nail-biting commence!

Have you voted yet?